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Dee MosbacherIn 1993, Dr. Dee Mosbacher, motivated by the gay-bashing and anti-woman focus of the 1992 Republican National Convention,* founded Woman Vision to counteract the right's extremely well-funded and misleading anti-gay media campaigns. Dr. Mosbacher, a practicing psychiatrist in San Francisco, understands the suffering caused by homophobia from a psychological and psychosocial point of view. Her vision as a filmmaker comes from her consciousness as a psychiatrist. She believes that showing transformation—by modeling people who take on difficult issues and change—is the most powerful educational tool you can provide.

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Dr. Dee Mosbacher Resume

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Woman Vision Board of Directors

Dee Mosbacher
Marj Plumb
Nanette Gartrell

In Memoriam: Eric Rofes (1954-2006) in remembrance of his years of work with our organization and a lifetime of work for social justice movements throughout the country and world.

Woman Vision Staff

Marj Plumb, Administrator
Silvana Lopez, Assistant to Dee Mosbacher

Filmography: Woman Vision/Dee Mosbacher, MD, PhD

Closets are Health Hazards: Gay and Lesbian Physicians Come Out – a slide tape and video presentation (produced by Dee Mosbacher, directed by JEB—Joan E. Biren) used in medical school human sexuality courses and conferences in the U.S. and Europe. (1980)

Lesbian Physicians on Practice, Patients, and Power – a 30-minute video (produced by Dee Mosbacher, directed by JEB-Joan E. Biren) sent by the American Association of Physicians for Human Rights to every medical school in the U.S. and Canada. (1991)

Straight from the Heart – a 24-minute Academy Award-nominated film (co-produced / co-directed with Frances Reid) that explores parents’ journeys to a new understanding of their adult lesbian and gay children. (1994)

Out for a Change: Addressing Homophobia in Women's Sports – a 28-minute film (produced and directed by Dee Mosbacher) that exposes the devastating emotional impact that homophobia has on all women athletes, regardless of their sexual orientation. (1994)

All God's Children – a 26-minute film (co-produced / co-directed with Frances Reid and Sylvia Rhue) that addresses lesbians, gays and spirituality in the African-American church-going community. (1996)

De Colores – a 28-minute bilingual documentary (executive produced by Dee Mosbacher, produced by Peter Barbosa, co-directed by Peter Barbosa & Garret Lenoir) about how Latino families are replacing deep roots of homophobia with even deeper roots of love and acceptance. (2001)

Radical Harmonies: The Story of Women's Music – a 90-minute documentary (executive producer/director: Dee Mosbacher; co-producer: Boden Sandstrom; associate producer: Margie Adam; associate director: June Millington) that chronicles the Women's Music Cultural Movement and its evolution from “girl-with-guitar” to a revolution in the roles of women in music and culture. The movement gave birth to an alternative industry that changed women and music forever. (2002)

No Secret Anymore: The Times of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon – a 57-minute documentary (producer/writer/director: JEB—Joan E. Biren; producer: Dee Mosbacher; associate producers: Margie Adam and Jason Heffner; a co-production of Woman Vision & Moonforce Media) that follows lesbian icons and founders of the Daughters of Bilitis—Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon—through six decades from the fear of discovery to the expectation of equality. (2003)

Training Rules – a 60-minute documentary (co-produced/directed by Dee Mosbacher and Fawn Yacker) that examines how women’s collegiate sports, caught in a web of homophobic practices at Penn State University, colludes in the destruction of the lives and dreams of its most talented athletes. (2008)

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